Sunday, May 23, 2010

raise your hand for more wellbutrin

Fuck you med change.

The drama has already begun, not even 8:00 am. Not even off the bottom step and Buttercup is on the floor because the cat stepped on her toe and she felt his claw. No scratch, no blood, full drama.

stuff to tell the shrink tomorrow at the med check:

1. bullshit drama
2. freaky stories from her past. constantly and without provocation, featuring dead or injured animals and/or her abuser
3. using freaky baby voice during these stories "then I was Noooooo! Mommy!" Hard to explain but it is like finger nails on a chalk board and sets every bullshit decor manipulation nerve in my body off.
4. table manners gone. rubbing food on face, eating with paw like hands and shoveling food in.
5. hooded eye stare
6. unable to entertain herself, not comfortable in her own company.
7. sleeping during the day again

did i forget anything?


Corey said...

HA! You said "Raise your hand for more wellbutrin," and I raised my hand.. Can one ever have TOO MUCH wellbutrin?

MamaKate said...

well i gar-ron-tii that we have not hit the too much mark yet.

MamaKate said...

i did forget something, talking down to adults.