Thursday, March 18, 2010

crap on a cracker

omg. they are trying to drive me mental.
fucking bat shit crazy.

the whining, the power plays, the crying for no reason, and the motherfucking drama.
all of them.
they will not stop.
pushing pushing pushing.

my hair is turning gray before my eyes.
i am smoking like a chimney at christmas.
the fucking case worker will not call me back.
the husband is working late.
the 17 year old wants to get his lip pierced today - um...hello foster kid!

i would cry if i thought i could stop.


Lisa said...

Am I living in your house or are you living in mine??????

It's crazy cakes around here. Mama is about to put everyone to bed early. Cause I've got to. Somehow I will maintain some sanity around here.

MamaKate said...

What is that the children are dancing on? Oh right, that would be my last fucking nerve.

starevelina said...

Early bedtime, wine, hulu, sleep. That's my prescription, anyway!

J. said...

dancing on your last nerve, sounds like you are in my house too! Get thee some chocoalte and perhaps a nice glass of red wine, put them to bed and RUN to the bathroom, lock the door and have a bath... wait that is what I am about to do, if that works for you do the same if not change as needed and do it now.

MamaKate said...

Thanks ladies!