Friday, February 5, 2010

Snow night

It is not a snow day. The girls had school but evening/after school was canceled. Weekend will be snowed in. Big Boy is real happy we own a snowblower. Mama is fat and asthmatic, no shoveling for her. :) Well that and I am a pretty, pretty princess.

French Fry is trying real hard to dance on my last fucking nerve. Why think when one can argue? That is her motto lately.

Ketchup is doing well, she is the only child that I have ever seen use coping skills in such a consistent and open way. It is pretty impressive, especially for someone with her learning disabilities. Now if she would only stop trilling like Snow White at 7 am. Seriously. I am glad you are in a good mood but the birds are not going to come in and make your damn bed.. So. Stop. Trilling.

Buttercup is almost 12 and post adoptive. Hormone/attitude/control freak central can I get an amen, folks!

French Fry and Ketchup are up to twice a week visits. Hence the French Fry drama.

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J. said...

We ahve no snow, well almost none and everything looks a littel sad and dirty oput there - We had a winter like that a few years agao though, it was awful! THis year we seems to be missing all the storms.

I shared some sunshine with you, head to my blog for the details.