Thursday, January 7, 2010

inspired by comments

Buttercup's adoption was official in November. I still have some name change paperwork to do, but she is ours and we are hers.

Got a letter from Max Christmas week. She is in court ordered rehab. Letter was honest and touching and I was reminded at how much I like her, even with her issues and addictions. I was again saddened by heroin addiction and how is takes the top and bottom of our society. Max has more potential than most kids that has been through my home. Max is an addict, Max's parents are addicts. sigh. Buttercup is happy that Max is safe.

Less than 10 days after having New One removed I got a call. Two sisters that had been with us for 9 months, been home for 7, were back in care. Could we take them? duh. I will call them French Fry and Ketchup. Buttercup considers these girls her sisters and they were all in a previous foster home together. I will post their story another time, but needless to day i have been one crazy mama!


Lisa said...

Congrats on the finalization!

Cannot wait to hear about French Fry and Ketchup. Love the names BTW!

MamaKate said...

Thanks. We are pretty happy about it.:)

All the names are little jokes in my head so I can remember their blog names. Obviously I am warped.

ps. not one cuss word in that post either, shit.

Lisa said...

Girlfriend, you're going to have to do better. :D

J. said...

I only just found your blog but anyone who his disappointed in the lack of cussing in a blog post has got to be good people!