Monday, October 19, 2009

It is just Buttercup right now. So it is pretty quiet around here. It will stay that way to until the approval for her adoption is done. We are at a point where taking new kids can really slow the whole thing done, especially teenagers since any over the age of 14 need clearances.

The new one was more than I was willing to take on right now. Off the charts ODD. But Buttercup was difficult when she got here too. She was severely depressed and had to be hospitalized in the first 3 weeks here. She saw and heard "ghosts" and had a suicide plan. She is doing so well now! She spent the day Saturday at a friends house. Holler! That was a first! I asked her how it felt to be a normal kid and she thinks it is pretty awesome.

Anyway, my point is that we have fought the good fight for troubled kids in the past but New One was not a fight I found myself willing to take on. It was not a good fit. New One is hurting so hard right now that she is not able to function in or our family, or any right now.

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Lisa said...

Wondering why in the heck you haven't been in my reader? Seriously worry about myself sometimes.

Thank you for the advice and for the swearing. I need someone to handle the swearing for me. ;)