Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Rabbit's new family therapists were here yesterday. I like these 2 ladies so far. Any help with Rabbit will be welcomed. She was grounded this weekend because she called Lily a bitch at camp. Rabbit even got in more trouble when she threatened to beat the shit out of Lily. Her words. We have decided that they are not going to camp on the same day if I can help it. Lily went on respite for 2 days because of this, she is not impressed with Rabbit and her RADish games. There are major boundary issues with this girl. Rabbit needs a Lisa, http://lisajordanpuddin.blogspot.com .

I am trying to be smarter this time around with a difficult kid. I am taking time to go to my studio and work. I am not letting myself get sucked into so many arguements. I am letting Big Boy handle more of the day to day bullshit. He is home away.

Buttercup is loving her summer stuff so far. She is getting tan and being sweet to me.

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