Saturday, June 13, 2009

Lily's Mom was early for the visit on Friday. Holy shit! Guess a nasty letter from the social worker will kick one's ass in gear, at least for one visit. There is more to the baby story from Lily, just waiting to hear it from her.

Buttercup is taking a Reiki class today. That girl last some serious abilities but her butt needs to get grounded.

Rabbit is sleeping, and I am grateful. The incessant chatting is too much. She is a sweet girl who has been dealt one of the shittiest decks I have ever seen and I feel for her. We will care for her and prepare her for her forever family the best we can. I will try to get over the guilt of not being her forever family. We were not asked to be that, we are not expected to be that. The guilt is all me and all in my head.

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