Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Lily is going to see the specialist tomorrow. She was having issues that she was not telling us about  until this weekend.So her appointment got moved to this Wednesday.  She did not want to call her Mom about it, 13 and she knew it was not worth the hassle.  She is at the point where I think she would rather not call her Mom than try to call her and get the boyfriend or the voicemail and hearing the bullshit excuses 3 days later.  

Rabbit is moving in this Friday, did I mention that? This should prove to be interesting if nothing else.  At least I am working this weekend. Sorry, Big Boy.  :)

I am just feeling crappy tonight. Hayfever, asthma, lack of sleep from these things. Frustrated with the medical care in this country, for me and the kids - but not Big Boy, he never gets sick.  Frustrated with Lily's mother and county worker and guardian. Frustrated with Buttercup's med check tomorrow and whether or not I will be back in time.  

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