Monday, June 1, 2009

"I'm off my pity pot!"

I have been drowning in allergies this year.  I have had to replace my inhaler. I am taking so much psuedoephedrine the pharmacist probably thinks i am cooking meth. All of this makes my mind mush. Snotty, gooey, mush that I sneeze out every time I decide to lay down and go to bed. 

Buttercup is doing a little better this week. I have a new tactic. Every time she gets passive aggressive, or pouty, or does something for attention I give her attention. Al0t of attention. Silly, goofy, way way way over the top attention.  She was whining last night about how hot the tea kettle that she had JUST placed on the stove was,  a very over the top ouch and hiss.  After explaining to her that it was not hot and having her demonstrate how not hot the kettle was I still found myself being sucked into the b.s. argument about what she REALLY  said, did - whine, pout, etc. So, I gave her a big goofy hug and started petting her head "pretty.pretty. pretty. " which quickly turned it a game of pinch the cheeks. Which quickly turned it to a game of pinch all the cheeks. Which quickly had a both of us on the dirty kitchen floor in a goofy, tickle/wrestling match.  Where I pinned her while she giggled her head off, and I refused to let her up until she announced,  "I am off my pity pot!" Ridiculously easier than the bs arguments with her, way more fun, she ate up the attention - which if they are seeking, they need- and enjoyed some exercise. I think it may also point out to her that her way of seeking is inapropriate without having to have that serious conversation all the time.  It makes it easier for me too. She has really been sucking me in lately, and I have been letting her.  

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