Sunday, May 24, 2009

Leave the right way

Rabbit spent Fri. night here. It went surprisingly well. She is quite attached to her current placement, but seems willing to make this one work while she is here.  Se can be quite drool sometimes, really very amusing. She does talk alot, alot, alot.  Whew. Alot

Buttercup had a mini meltdown on Friday night. We were having a family meeting about what the room arrangements would be when Rabbit came.  We currently have one big room with 3 beds and one small room with one bed. Put all 3 girls in the big room? Well, teenage girls have a lot of stuff, so we are not comfortable about jamming all three in the big room.  We wouldn't be able to find them in there. So, we decided that we would move Lily into the small room because she is probably going home in July, and put Rabbit in the big room with Buttercup.  Many people in our lives think that Buttercup should have her own room but we want to be able to have boys sometimes too, so that just wouldn't work. And Buttercup hates sleeping in a room alone right now. I am sure in the future she will have her own room but not just now. 

Then Buttercup began to cry at the thought of Lily leaving. She was upset that she was losing another sister and that she wanted to be the one to move out.  When we talked about it after she said that she did not want to leave us but she wanted to be the one to do the leaving for once, instead of people leaving her.  I told her it was hard but that we would rather have to say goodbye to people than let kids who need us stay in shelters or bad homes. That our hearts had room to hold the kids who left in them and love them and hope for the best for them, while welcoming new kids in.  I told her that someday she would be the one to do the leaving. That she would grow up, and go to college and move out.  That she would do the leaving and that she would do it the right way. Not to a shelter, or home with a family that could barely take care of her, or to a placement. The way where she comes back for dinner, and uses the laundry machines, and calls , and visits and comes home for Christmas.  
She WILL leave us THE RIGHT WAY. 

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