Sunday, May 17, 2009

Ice cream and a new family

Crap. I don't want to go meet this new kid tomorrow.  I want to meet her, I just don't want to audition for her.  "They" are talking to us about a 13 year old girl with a laundry list of diagnoses and a long, long history in foster care.  None of that really freaks me out anymore, but "They" want us to meet the foster family she is disrupting from and her for ice cream tomorrow.  Seriously, FUCKING ICE CREAM!

So here I am at 12:40 at night, wide awake from slamming 3 Cokes while I was working in the hot sun, trying not to picture this ridiculous freakin' scence tomorrow. Knowing we are not the perfect family, I know no ones expects us to be, but these people are hoping for Super Parents for this girl and there we will be.  Those poor people!

Of course I just want to scream at these people. These Disrupting Foster Parents who thought that the hours of training had nothing to do with them, that did not follow through, that expected the system to work - and not just work but work for them and DO the work for them.  Don't get me wrong, I sympathize with them. With their frustration and disgust and weariness. I truly, truly do. Anyone who works inside of this screwed up system does. Almost goes without saying.  Doesn't mean I don't wanna slap the shit out of them . 

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