Thursday, June 3, 2010

FosterAbba! Did I piss you off? :)

I am not able to access your blog.

Saturday, May 29, 2010

our lives

I am clicking down my blogger list this morning to read everyone's blogs and this is how the tittles read:

just struck me as funny.

Sunday, May 23, 2010


Just caught someone spitting into the kitchen sink while doing dishes. Anyone wanna take a guess as to who that would be?

Fuzzy Wuzzy was a hobbit

Rose is pissed at me. She had to clean the bathroom last night. She dug her stubborn Hobbit heels in drew it out as long as possible. This chore was assigned because I went to use the shower after Rose had used it to prepare for a trip to the pool.

Can you guess what the shower looked like?

a.) like shiny new shower?
b.) like someone strewn rose petals through out it?
c.) like someone raped an Ewok in it?

raise your hand for more wellbutrin

Fuck you med change.

The drama has already begun, not even 8:00 am. Not even off the bottom step and Buttercup is on the floor because the cat stepped on her toe and she felt his claw. No scratch, no blood, full drama.

stuff to tell the shrink tomorrow at the med check:

1. bullshit drama
2. freaky stories from her past. constantly and without provocation, featuring dead or injured animals and/or her abuser
3. using freaky baby voice during these stories "then I was Noooooo! Mommy!" Hard to explain but it is like finger nails on a chalk board and sets every bullshit decor manipulation nerve in my body off.
4. table manners gone. rubbing food on face, eating with paw like hands and shoveling food in.
5. hooded eye stare
6. unable to entertain herself, not comfortable in her own company.
7. sleeping during the day again

did i forget anything?

Saturday, May 22, 2010

Frodo and Rose

So my teenagers are hobbits. I have a girl hobbit (very rare) and a boy hobbit. They are brother and sister. They are short, hairy, dry witted, and quiet. Hobbits. Boy I will call Frodo - duh. The only girl hobbit name I could find on Google was Rose. Which fits with some other girl names I have chosen.

Frodo came to stay in February and Rose joined us in April. *Knock on wood* They are fairly easy kids. They have not been in the system very long so there are not any major attachment issues or acting out. Frodo can be pretty passive aggressive at times but he does not know that I had 28 years of my grandmother training me for that shit. He's got nothing on a 75 year old Italian Catholic.

Rose has some girlie medical problems going on. Evident to me just by looking at her (did I mention fuzzy?) that we are starting to deal with. Since apparently now one else has eyeballs in her world.

Both are all about the internet and their online communities. They seem to have no desire for face to face socialization outside of school.


They are friendly and personable but painfully shy and a little slow in the mental department, so getting to know them is difficult. I think that is why they are more comfortable with their online relationships right now. Hey, they are not getting drunk, high or pregnant so I am pretty cool with it.

Monday, May 17, 2010

the long and the short of it

So French Fry managed to bring cys to a grinding halt. Then 3 days later wanted to go home. It was a freaking mess. No one could give me an answer because her court date was so soon. So the fucking mantra of foster care "wait until court" came into play. So we went to court. The GAL talked to FF for about 15 seconds in the hallway and then they sent her home THAT DAY. Gah! Never had that one happen before, especially since that particular court is about 100 miles away, she was not packed, and had to be back in the town court was in is 3 1/2 hours. Needless to say I pulled the magic time machine out of my ass and made it happen. I was beyond frustrated and felt very very very taken advantage of. Not one person in the court room asked if it was possible. Just physically possible for this to happen that day. Never even crossed their minds.

Now let me be clear, my job is to reunify families when ever possible. I have been the Fry Cook's (FF and Ketchup's Mom. Like it?) biggest fucking cheerleader, because she deserves a cheerleader, for 2 years now. I wanted this family to succeed. I wanted French Fry to GO HOME! I am just sick of that particular cys office treating me like a glorified chauffeur. All the fuck ups are foster parent faults, every bad choice these damaged kids make is the foster parent's fault. This is the same cys office Lily was out of too. Enough said on that! I am done with them for awhile.

Needless to say this caused some weird feelings between the Fry Cook and I. We are polite and friendly but nothing more really. It is a shame really. Part of it is on my end too, I have had to come to grips with the fact that for many reasons if FF and Ketchup come back into care we can not take them again. The effect it had on Buttercup was so detrimental! She back slid so much when they got here and again when they were leaving. She burned out on her anti anxiety med and is now on a new on. Gack! That is a fun fucking bullshit process. This has been over a month long process and of course it is still not right. Very touchy, irritable and bitchy. Very babyish too. All that and a 12 yr old girl too. Oh joy.

We have a set of teenagers too. Will blog more on that later. My butt is falling alseep and so should I.